My journey in Game Development

My journey in Game Development

During this years spring, I had a brief period where I tried to learn how to develop games. Every since I started a job as a fulltime inhouse composer, I have felt the need for something different to do in my free time. Could game developing fill the void? 

Earlier this year, a friend of mine introduced me to the world of Udemy. It’s the worlds largest online marketplace for courses. Whatever you want to learn, you can find it there. I got excited by the prospects of learning how to draw or paint, but finally end up buying a course in game development.

Learning to code
One thing that quickly become clear was that this was not going to be an easy trip. I had limited coding experience prior to the course, and I quickly ran into some walls. However, the teachers of the course are skilled educators and the course is set up so that is easy to follow along for beginners. No prior programming experience is necessary to follow the course.

I love that I am learning to code trough these course. It is a high transferable skill which I can later on utilize in various ways. It also set me on the path to become a programmer for Kontakt.

Community support
Another great aspect of the course is that there is a highly active community organized by the teachers on Facebook and Discord. Here you can ask additional questions if you run into problems that you can’t solve. This is great because the course challenges you to become an independent thinker. By the end of the first lecture you are asked to first complete a coding task and then watch the lecture to compare your solution to the teacher. This is the very definition of active learning, as it constantly challenges you and invites you to take action!

It has been a very enjoyable journey so far. I am still early on in my journey as other duties in life got in the the way to proceed any further. I will definitely pick it up again at some point in the future and hope that I can someday be proud to have my own game out there. Who knows!