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I like to do a lot of things, it keeps life interesting.You can often find me walking around in nature, or reading a good book.I also like to follow English Premier League football, especially when my favourite team Arsenal is winning (which is not always the case).You could call me a musician, marketer, designer, writer, runner, athlete, philosopher, fantasy enthusiast and composer.In 2018 I released my first Production Music Album at BMG called Chamber of Reflection. It’s music is used in television productions all around the world. Later that year I joined SMP, a music production studio in Amsterdam. There I was part of the music team for Dutch productions such as Onze Jongens in Miami, Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden en Verliefd op Cuba.Since leaving SMP in 2020 I felt the need to write music just for my own personal satisfaction again, and released several singles as well as working on some more experimental music that has never seen the daylight. I have been drawing on influences from artists in a wide variety of genres such as Electronic, Rock and Neo-Classical.In 2023 I took a big step to leave home and move temporarily to Spain. Surrounded by new creative influences I have found a renewed joy in my creative work.The new lifestyle also comes with it's own new challenges, some of which I wrote about in my new single 'Absence', to be released later this year.


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